sharing the harvest

Farm shares are an easy way to find healthy food and promote responsible, sustainable growing practices. Buying a farm share means that you are investing in a type of food production that is important to all of us and, just as importantly, that you will enjoy a portion of the harvest. But what will that share look like? That will, in large part, be up to you.  Simply choose a Farm Share Plan that fits your lifestyle and needs. Each of the four plans can be customized even further. Are you eagerly awaiting the first carrots? Are you not a big fan of beets? Do you need extra basil for that special recipe? Special requests like these can be added to your share at anytime. A Rosy Buck Farm Share is constantly striving to match your tastes.

Salad Share

Do you enjoy fresh salads with intriguing ingredients? Our salad mixes are made with an ever-changing parade of tasty and colorful components that will add pizzazz to any plate and complete any meal. 

                                                     SALAD SHARE

                                                     SALAD SHARE

Side dish Share

Are you looking to get your daily serving of vegetables but aren't quite sure where to start? The Side Dish Share provides all the ingredients and instructions you need to whip up delicious accompaniments to your own main courses.

entree share

Do you wish more of your meals were made from ingredients sourced from local farms, farms committed to both producing healthy food and maintaining the health of their land? The Entree Share includes everything you need to make a main dish with ingredients from our farm and other local growers.

chef share

Is the kitchen your favorite room in the house? The best we have to offer is gathered together in this farm share to help fuel your inner culinary artist.