With the temperatures soaring into the nineties, it's time to shift into our hot-weather schedule! This means early mornings followed by a tactical retreat to inside chores (like writing this blog) during the brutally hot midday. Even the chickens take an extended siesta in the shade. Luckily, with daylight hours stretching indecently into the evening, all the work manages to get done.  With the advent of summer heat, our spring crops (like peas and lettuce) are making their exit, and summer crops (like squash and beans) are starting to come on. There hasn't been rain for awhile. Luckily we captured about 1100 gallons of those April/May showers and that H2O bank is seeing us through nicely. Still, we wouldn't complain if the predicted rain gave us a break from hand-watering!

Another six healthy chicks hatched this week, bringing our total chicks for the year up to 26. That should be more than plenty for our flock to replenish itself! Going into fall we should have about a dozen new laying hens and a dozen roosters in the freezer.

This week everyone is getting salad mix and peas, as it might be the last for a while. Some of you are also getting kohlrabi, a bulb related to kale and broccoli which you can eat raw or cooked. It goes great in slaw or chicken salad, or you can slice it and roast it, or throw it in a stir fry.

We hope you are enjoying the last few weeks of spring, and managing to keep cool!

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