The Slow Food Farm Tour on Sunday was awesome! The Slow Food crew had everything organized and under control, so we were able to focus on sharing our farm with new people. There was a great turnout, and despite the July heat, everyone had a great time checking out our veggie patches and picking Flower Hill flowers. This was the first Slow Food Farm Tour, but it was such a smashing success that more should happen soon!

Last Thursday evening, we were working in one of our circle beds, doing some transplanting with the help of a workshare member, when we were startled by quite the menagerie of critters. We found a baby rabbit, a box turtle, a field mouse, a blue-tailed skink, and what looked like a young Midland Brown snake! And the other day we found a newt burrowed into one of our beds. This is why we love our no-till system. Although the rabbit and the turtle might nibble a few of our crops, we would much rather be able to coexist peacefully with the wildlife than make our farm space inhospitable by using heavy machinery.

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