This week our summer squash has finally started coming on in earnest! All of the chef shares will be getting one white scallop squash, and one squash of a different variety, either lemon, tromboncino, or zucchini. The white scallop is a new variety for us, and it is a pattypan-type that is thriving here. This may be because it is a native American heirloom, and was grown by northern native people for hundreds of years, and depicted by Europeans back in 1591. Like all summer squash, it has a thin skin and soft seeds, so you can just cut it up and use it anywhere you would use zucchini. The tromboncino is one of our favorites, if picked young it is like a summer squash, or if you wait and pick it when it is more mature and bigger (3 feet sometimes!) it has a sweeter, dryer flesh and hard skin like winter squash. The tromboncino can also be used anywhere you would use zucchini, we especially like it roasted with oil and salt, which really brings out its rich, slightly sweet and nutty flavor.

This week we have been wild-harvesting daylily buds, and a few of you will be getting them in your share. These are tender and delicious, and can be eaten raw or cooked. If cooked, they just need a light saute or roast, about one minute or less. They are a good source of vitamin A and C, and are good chopped into a salad, or just sauted in butter with a little salt as a side.

We discovered that some of our onions had their tops eaten off by a critter, which means they won't grow anymore. So, now we have quite a few nice golf-ball sized onions, which many of you will be getting this week.

Since our tomatoes aren't quite ready yet, we decided to buy in some delicious organic heirloom tomatoes from a farmer friend to give to everyone, so you can get a taste of summertime tomatoes a little early!

One more reminder that the Slow Food Farm Tour is this Sunday, July 9th. Tickets are on sale until Friday, so if you want to come, get them soon!

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