As you already know, our biggest news is the birth of our son, Quinlan! We had a home birth in Kirkwood at Holly's mom's house, in the same room Mira and, many moons ago, Holly were both born in. Holly's sister is a midwife, and delivered both Quin and Mira. We stayed at the house for about a week to recuperate and enjoy the love and support of family. Randy's mom was in town to visit, and she was able to stay at the farm and keep all the animals fed and cared for while we were busy caring for our new baby. Holly and Quin are still taking it easy for the next couple of weeks, but they will be back at market soon! In the meantime, Randy will be doing market duties. 

We returned from our away time to find more huckleberries than we knew what to do with! We decided to experiment with a vanilla huckleberry kombucha flavor, which turned out super delicious (we will have a limited amount available at market). Our peppers and tomatoes are also in full swing, but the mice are still getting all of our ground cherries. The peppers you will be getting are sweet peppers, but most of the varieties don't look like a bell pepper. We grew sweet banana, cubanelle, and cono de toro, which are all producing well, and are all long tapered green or light yellow peppers