We have been figuring out the challenge of working-in-the-field-with-two-kids, and so far Quin has been pretty good at sleeping for an hour or so at a time, enabling us both to have free hands! He is also sometimes happy hanging out on a blanket with Mira, and sometimes happy in the carrier (though usually only if he's asleep). So far, so good.

We have hopefully outsmarted the mouse, and are finally starting to get a few groundcherries!

We are excited our melons are finally coming on! Of course, you can never grow enough melons,  but everyone will get a taste! We are cutting most of them in half so that everyone will get to try more variety. We have large yellow Lilly melons with orange flesh, and then smaller cantaloupes, as well as a few watermelons.

We also checked on our potatoes, and all the leaves have died back, which means that the potatoes are ready to harvest. We have blue and red fingerlings this year, and everyone will be getting some soon.

Our Dickinson pumpkins are also thriving, and about ready to harvest--we picked one to check, and it weighs 15 lbs! These tasty pumpkins are great for soups, curries, pies, and baking, and if anyone is interested in getting one in your share, let us know!