More and more of our summer crops are coming on! This week we have lots of basil, and our tomatoes are just starting. We have regular Italian basil, and also lemon basil. The lemon basil, as its name implies, tastes like basil with a fresh, citrus twist, and is delicious anywhere you would use basil. I love it in caprese salad, pasta, with roasted veggies, in eggs, casseroles...

Our ground cherries and melons are also looking great, so you should all be getting some fruit in your bags in the coming weeks.

FullSizeRender (5).jpg

Everyone is also getting potatoes this week! Some of our potato plants died back a bit early, but we were pleasantly surprised to see they had already made quite a few potates! Since these potatoes didn't fully mature, they have thin skin which makes them tender and delicious, but they also don't store as well as regular potatoes, and should be eaten within a week or two.