We have been enjoying the mild weather with plenty of rain! Randy has been busy weeding and hilling all of our potatoes (look for some baby potatoes in your bags in the coming weeks!). Holly has still been mostly resting and recovering from giving birth, but has also been helping with some transplanting to ward off cabin fever. Because of Cassidy’s birth we are a bit behind on our transplanting, and still have a greenhouse full of peppers and tomatoes to get out. So, we won’t have these crops early, but we will have an abundance later in the summer!

We are also excited because right now is this short window every spring when we get to eat daylily buds. They are tender and just need a very quick (like 1 minute) steam, boil, or saute. We usually saute them with a little butter and salt to get the full taste as a side dish, or we drop them into stir fries right at the end. They might open up a little while cooking, and that is fine. The flavor is reminiscent of a green bean, with a dash of asparagus.

It is also the beginning of the purslane season, another favorite. Purslane is a wild succulent green that is incredibly high in omega 3s. It has a thick, meaty leaf and a crunchy edible stem. The flavor is fresh with a hint of lemon. You can eat it raw or cooked, we usually eat it fresh in salads or sandwiches.