As our fourth season here in Missouri gets rolling, we are excited about the good soil we are continuing to build up! We have been amazed by the dozens and dozens of worms we find when we pull away the mulch before planting.

As many of you know, we just welcomed our new baby girl Cassidy into the world. She came 2 weeks late, so the last few weeks have been a bit hectic trying to keep up with farm work and the kiddos. But, luckily for us it has been a very wet spring, so we haven’t had to worry about setting up all our irrigation yet. And since we do mostly raised beds, and farm on a hill, we don’t have to worry about our fields flooding either.

Right now our sugar snap peas are going gangbusters, as is our salad mix. Our garlic scapes are also starting to come on. Garlic scapes are the flower stalk that grow up from the hardneck garlic, and would flower and go to seed if we let them. But, we want the plant to put its energy back into the bulb, so we snap off the scape before it flowers. And we get to eat the scapes! They are mild, tender, and delicious anywhere you use garlic. You can cut up and use the whole thing, raw or cooked. We love them in eggs, pasta, stir fry, roasted with veggies, casserole, burgers…the possibilities are endless!