Our summer crops are prolific! We have summer squash and green beans galore, as well as cucumbers, basil, and beets. Although our spinach is over, we still have plenty of chard and kale. We also have beautiful rainbow carrots. Our garlic is just about ready, we’ve pulled a few heads, but are going to leave most of it in for another week or two.

We pulled all our pea plants finally, and in their place planted some fall broccoli, radishes and carrots.

We got quite the storm on Tuesday, and although we couldn’t work in the fields, we are thankful for the rain and the cooler temperatures that followed. We are harvesting new potatoes this week, to do this we feel around under the potato plants, grab a few and then let the plant keep growing. These early potatoes have thin skin that breaks easily (but is great for mashing), and they do not store as well.


Our purple green beans flowering