We have been enjoying the last week or so of cooler weather! It was the perfect time to get in some of our fall seedlings that need it to be under 85 to germinate. We didn't get quite as much rain as we hoped, but every little bit helps!

Our sweet corn is really starting to come on, and man oh man is it delicious! We grew a new variety this year, Allure from High Mowing Organic Seeds, and we are quite happy with it. With sweet corn, timing is everything. You need to pick it after the silk is brown and the kernels are all nice and plump, but before they start drying out. Then as soon as you pick it, the sugars start turning into starches, so we really recommend eating it the day that you get it (we will pick it that morning) for optimal taste. Even if you put it in the fridge, it is just going to get less and less sweet the longer it sits there. Also, our corn, like all organic corn, has a worm on the end of just about every ear. We will be cutting off the tip for this reason, so you don't have to deal with the worms.