This week we are starting to harvest our garlic! Last fall we planted over nine different varieties, and now we get to see which types did best in our soil. We got five of these varieties from Slow Food St. Louis; they have a garlic project aimed at getting people to grow a more diverse array of garlic (there are over 600 varieties worldwide). Slow Food provides seed garlic to farmers in the fall, and then the following season the farmers give back some of their harvest to Slow Food. We were excited to be a part of this project, and have so far been quite happy with our yields. Most of you will be getting some of that garlic this week! Like other storage crops, in order for garlic to keep well after it is harvested, it needs to be cured. All this entails is putting it in an airy, warm, open area for a few weeks while the husk dries out and the bulb firms up. We will be curing some of our garlic, but the garlic you are getting this week is fresh, so make sure to use it in the next few weeks.

Our other summer crops like tomatoes and ground cherries are starting to come on, and we are looking forward to harvesting them in a few more weeks

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