Welcome to the first week of the 2017 Rosy Buck Farm share! We are looking forward to providing you with delicious vegetables all summer long. This week many of you will be receiving garlic scapes. These delicious and mild curlicues occur when the garlic plant sends up a flower stalk. Since we want the plant to put its energy back into the bulb, we snap the tender stalk off and get to eat it! You can use them anywhere you would use garlic, we love them in eggs, pasta, pizza, or sauteed with veggies. The scapes are also mild enough to put in a potato salad, chicken or egg salad, or anywhere you want to spice things up.

Many of you are also getting radish pods, which look like funky green beans. All radishes put out seed pods after they bolt and flower, but usually they are very tough and stringy. This variety of radish, the Rat's Tail Radish, is grown only for the pods, you don't harvest the radish at all. These crunchy pods are great in salads or wraps, and have a light radish taste. They can have a bit of heat to them, like a radish, but if you give them a quick stir fry or a light roast they mellow out!

We are busy getting all of our starts out of the greenhouse and into the field, it seems like there is always more than we have time for! Last week we put out a bunch of cucumbers, eggplant, peppers, and tomatoes, and two days later they were all bitten off at ground level by rabbits. Needless to say, we were a bit upset, and are now trying to figure out the best rabbit deterrents. Delta, our Great Pyrenees, is great at keeping deer and chicken predators away, but rabbits are below her radar.

We also had a surprise hatching of chicks over the weekend, which is always fun. This hen apparently decided that behind an old bike in the shed was a good place to go broody, and now we have 10 new chicks! As an added bonus, we think most of them will eventually lay olive-colored eggs like their mother. 

The above photo is our daughter in a little tent we made for her one  day out in the field, we are always trying to find ways to keep her occupied and out of the sun! 

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